Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I contact CJ Lightworks?
A: Please visit the ‘Contact’ page for our contact information.

Q: May I see some of your previous work?
A: The ‘Blog’ section of the website is used as a portfolio. Most images there is original work with exception of some illustrations used for articles.

Q: Where will my session be located?
A: Your session will be located at a public venue. Typically a public park.

Q: How long do sessions run?
A: Sessions on average will last around one hour.

Q: How many outfit changes are allowed?
A: Outfit changes will be on-site if access is available. You may wish to bring an additional one or two outfits. There is no limit.

Q: How do I dress?
A: Solid colors work best. Please avoid outfits with stripes or small fine designs/patterns.

Q: Who does make-up and hair?
A: You are responsible for both. We perform minor touch ups in post processing and have additional editing options as well.

Q: How will Proofs be made available?
A: Proofs will be made available at your own private gallery on our ‘Client Access’ portion of this website.

Q: How many Proofs from the session will I have to choose from?
A: From a portrait session, a handful. Commercial photography, a couple. Event photography, as many as we can offer. Proofs are chosen as the “best of the best” which we feel will be the most acceptable.

Q: What about adding effects?
A: If you are looking for something a bit more unique and choose to stray from the appearance of the original, we do offer additional services such as color grading and composite work.

Q: Is it possible to reschedule my session time?
A: Yes, with a one week notice prior to the session date. We will reschedule for another date where an opening is available. If weather is not permitting, we will contact you to reschedule.

Q: What are digital negatives (RAW images)?
A: RAW’s are unprocessed (unedited) images which are straight out of camera (SOOC). They are not edited in any way and typically do not look very good this way. These are rarely in a state for production and rarely reflect the final product.

Q: May I have the digital negatives?
A: Digital negatives (RAW files) can be quite damaging. We may show our RAW’s if requested but will never offer or sell these files.

Q: With purchased photograph(s), will I have a license, and what type of license?
A: CJ Lightworks retains full ownership of our work unless otherwise stated in a written agreement between parties. With your purchase you will receive a ‘Full Usage License’. This states that you may display, copy, print, share, edit, distribute, etc. at your discretion. Basically, you may use as you see fit. This also allows CJ Lightworks the same rights. You may not claim ownership as the creator of such work.

Q: Why are digital files so expensive?
A: You are given a high quality edited image and a License to use image as you want.

Q: How are digital files delivered?
A: Digital files will be offered via Email. Event photography may be delivered on CD/DVD due to a higher amount of photographs.

Q: Can I receive a shareable file?
A: Any file you find on your Digital Proofs Gallery page may be freely shared. These files will be watermarked and are at a smaller resolution, perfect for the task.

Q: Can I have a shareable file without the watermark?
A: Watermarks are removed only with the purchase of a digital file. We will then make available the high resolution file.

Q: Why are there no packages?
A: We like offering à la carte. This allows you to purchase exactly what you want.

Q: Is there a minimum order?
A: For prints, yes. A minimum order of $25.00 is required. Orders under this amount will carry an additional $7.00 shipping fee.

Q: How long do I have to decide?
A: We will keep photographs available for one years time. After one year, we archive the photos which carries a $35.00 fee for retrieval.

Q: Where is the pricing?
A: Pricing may be found on the ‘Pricing’ section of this website.

Q: What if I want a size or type of print I do not see?
A: Let us know what you want. Not all print options are listed and additional are available.

Q: What is your print quality?
A: We use one of the largest and best photo labs available in the U.S. Be assured the paper and ink are professional and high grade.

Q: If I do not like my prints, is there a refund?
A: Prints are non-refundable. Defective prints or those which arrive damaged may be exchanged for a re-print.

Q: How do I know what the prints will look like?
A: Prints on your monitor may look different from our calibrated equipment. If unsure about look of the final print, we suggest starting with a small order first.

Q: How long until photographs are ready?
A: We wish to make your photograph(s) something special and will take the time we need to accomplish this. Sometimes we must re-visit a photograph over the course of a few days until the edit is acceptable in our eyes. The time for photograph(s) completion is dependent upon the scale of the project. Allow between 2-4 weeks for your finished photograph(s).

Q: When is payment due?
A: Payment for service is due prior of scheduled date. Payment for print(s)/digital file(s) can be made when you are ready to purchase.

Q: What types of payment are accepted.
A: We accept cash/checks/credit/debit. We accept payment in person and online transaction.

Have a question not answered here? Please contact CJ Lightworks at 810.869.4244 or use our contact form at: http://cjlightworks.com/contact/