Frequently Asked Questions

CJ Lightworks

Please contact CJ Lightworks and let us know which service interests you.  You will find a phone number and email address at the top of each page on this website.

A meet and greet will first take place.  If both parties agree with the terms for service, a contract will be signed and fee collected for retaining a selected date/time.

The front page of this website serves as a portfolio with a mélange of photographs from various times, places, and events.

This is not disclosed on the website.  Please contact us for pricing information.

I have been a photographer for nine years for CJ Lightworks as well as working for another photography company.

Portraiture is a main focus as well as Still Life.

Shoot and burn photography are photographs which are dumped directly onto a disc/thumb drive from the camera, unedited, so you may have them as fast as possible.  This is not something we do.

Proofs, Prints, and Digital Downloads

A Proof is the unedited image, one which you like the sharpness and composition of, which you may select and let us know to edit as a finalized image for us to deliver.

Proofs will be made available in a personal password protected gallery on this website as soon as possible.  Typically within 24 hours.  You will be notified when they are online.

Each photograph from a series of shots will be listed as a Proof candidate.

Digital Negatives are the unprocessed straight out of camera files.  Their file size is large and most require some type of post-processing.  CJ Lightworks does not offer RAW files since they often do not reflect how the final image will look.

Yes, your photographs will come with a Personal Full Usage License.  Some photo labs may require this before they will print from files you supply.

This License gives you the ability to share, edit, and print any and all photographs you purchase from CJ Lightworks.  The License does not grant the right to claim the work as your own or to re-sell the images.  CJ Lightworks retains full ownership of all photographs.

We only watermark our Proofed images.  Our Proof images are compressed files which come directly from the RAW file.  They are watermarked to have an identifier as a non-final image.

We require an order minimum of $25.00 for prints.

CJ Lightworks will keep your photographs active on site for six months.  After this time, they will be archived and will require an additional fee to retrieve.

Print sales are final.  These are a custom product and may not be returned.

A damaged Print may be exchanged for a re-print of the same image.

A Commercial License is available for an additional fee for images used in a commercial business and/or on commercial products, or for any other use from which the company profits.

Yes, we use a professional print lab.  If you wish us to handle your prints, we will be happy to do so.  You may view available print options by Clicking Here.

Session, Settings, and Attire

As of this time, CJ Lightworks does not operate from a studio location.  Photography will be performed on-site at events or at public venues (ie. Parks).

Yes and Yes!  A shot list for any event helps greatly.  CJ Lightworks is always willing to work with you to achieve an end-result you are happy with.  If you wish to try something, please state so. We will work with you in trying to achieve your vision as well.

A timeline and/or shot list is needed at very least a week before the event.

Please wear garments appropriate for the photo shoot but which are comfortable and suited for the weather.

A 3rd party may be brought in for an additional cost, if available.  It will depend on the scheduling.

If the location provides a suitable changing area, yes.  Both outfit and setup changes changes fall within the allotted time of the session.

Depending on your decided service, your session may be anywhere from 1-2 hours for a portrait session up to an entire day for an event.  Please consult with us about how much time you require so we may fit your needs.

A session will run for the specified time.  If requested, time extensions may be added for an additional cost.

Currently, our camera monitor is the only monitor available for viewing the photos.  We will be happy to show photos from the session as we go.

Some locations become undesirable depending on weather or time of day. Flashes and/or reflectors may be used when required.  Normally, natural light will be used as much as possible.

Processing and Turn-around

We perform what is needed at our discretion, however, we stay as faithful to the original as possible.

A light Retouching is performed on single shots, such as engagement photos, portraits, and headshots. Retouching is not usually performed on candid shots. You may find an example of our skin retouching by Clicking Here.

CJ Lightworks tends to use a light and more muted and softer look for photographs.

Monotone (black and white) is always an option.  Let us know what you have in mind and we will advise you of our matching capabilities.

The time for your final images will depend on the job.  It may range from one week to one month.  Finishing jobs from events will take longer than a portrait photo session.  You will be notified once your images are finished.

Scheduling and Payments

Congratulations, you have now locked in your date/time and we will continue to work with you and prepare for the future.

We know life happens.  If things such an an illness arises or bad weather shows up on a day we are scheduled to be outdoors, we are happy to reschedule for another available opening.

At the time of signing a contract for service, CJ Lightworks will take a non-refundable Retainer fee of either $50.00 (for a Portrait session) or $250.00 (for Events/Specialty).

We require the Retainer to be paid when the contract is signed which grants our services for the specified date/time.  The remainder of payment for service must be paid prior to your scheduled session/event day.

Cash or Credit is accepted.  You may pay in person or through the website by Clicking Here.

A cancellation will result in a refund of any payments for service minus fees of incurred costs.  Retainer fees are non-refundable.

After our services are rendered, no refunds are available.