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CJ Lightworks accepts cash or credit.  Unfortunately, we do not accept checks at this time.

CJ Lightworks accepts payment with Credit or Debit card through the well-known third party payment processor PayPal.  Clicking either of the Retainer Payment buttons or entering information for payment will open a new page for quick, easy, and secure payment.

We use PayPal as our payment processor due to the fact that it is an internationally recognized brand which has a long established history.  It has proven to be secure and an easy to use method for sending payment.  Clicking on the Retainer Payment buttons will open up a page for payment so you may lock-in a scheduled date/time with us.  If additional payments need to be made, you may also enter in your information and submit payment.

Retain CJ Lightworks so we may lock-in your date on our schedule.

Or you may proceed with another payment for a Service/Product.

To obtain your exact total for Services/Products, please contact CJ Lightworks prior to payment.  Thank you!