Where Oh Where Is That Bridge?

Was out today, looking for a really cool rock pillar bridge, which crosses the Flint River. Even after being pointed in the direction of “bridges,” by a friendly gentleman, I did not come across it. Nor did I come across the walking path which I was looking for. Perhaps they were hiding together. The day was cut short however, after my feet started to blister. The shoes I brought with me are an old fancy pair of work shoes, and they are extremely comfortable to wear when standing for long periods. They just did not like being walked in, for longer periods.

My next mission, is adding a bike rack onto my car. This path is one part of an entire system of paths and parks and I do believe they go for around 15-20 miles, from one end to the other. I would love to see the entire path and find all the hidden treasures, but it is a large area to cover walking. Anyways, these are some of the areas which I found today. Some I found interesting, some I would love to use for portraits.

The grill I took a photo of, just because I could. Seriously, the only explanation. I was not expecting it to be as blown out as it was, but after taking it, thought it looked kind of neat. Today, again, I was wandering around at around 3pm-6pm and it was not the best time for light. The area was mainly shaded with a ton of massive trees blocking a lot of the light. A few areas were cut, for the park, tennis courts, baseball fields, roads, etc., but everything else was forest.







After taking all those shots, I come home and let the dog and cat outside. The dog starts having a fit with the barking and howling. After checking on the animals, it seems a new fierce animal was trying to get some zzz’s and was napping underneath the corner of the house. By fierce, I mean, the raccoon did not want to move or be bothered. Was hissing at the cat, and thankfully that was all, and later after it snuck around into the garage, trying to clear it out, the raccoon kept charging back trying to have its way. Not a nice lil’ feller, this one.