Toboggan Trail

Today was my search for another area, the Hogsback Area. After driving around for an hour, or perhaps longer, I did eventually find it, after stopping in to a Mobile Gas Station and asking. It was right around the corner from the Gas Station. That always makes you feel foolish. Prior to finding Hogsback, I found the Equestrian Park as well as the Toboggan Trail. Hogsback looked like it was under construction and just leaving my car in the dead-end roundabout at the end of the road, did not really have much appeal to me, so I turned around and headed back to Toboggan Trail.

Arriving at the trail, for the second time, I seen one other vehicle parked. The trail is at the end of a series of dirt roads and itself sits at the end of a dead-end dirt road. It makes you really feel like you are in the ‘boonies’. After leaving my car, I seen a couple sitting on a bench overlooking the valley below. Not wanting to disturb them, I headed to the trail.

The trail is very narrow and is a dirt trail for hiking… mainly. Sometimes the dirt trail disappears and there is only beaten down grass. Unlike For-Mar, there are no easily readable sign markers telling you where the path goes, and how to get back. After a few intersections, I decided to turn around so I would not be lost in the woods. On one of the paths I ran into another couple which were out horseback riding. The Esquestrian Park and Hogsback both connect to the Toboggan Trail, so seeing horses is not uncommon.

Unfortunately, there was nothing too photo worthy from this trip. A lot of wooded area but nothing I was searching for, even after kicking over a few logs. Was able to see this area, find a few new places, and explore a little down a couple of the paths. In the end, the only shot I came back with, was of a frog which was nice enough to pose for me. I name the below photograph ‘F is for Frog’.