The Pickle And The Potato

Alright, so, apparently a well known photographer which has photographed a few actors, took a photograph of a potato. The photo was purchased by his friend. How much was this photograph of a potato purchased for you may ask? The photograph of “Potato #345 (2010)” sold for $1.08 Million dollars. INSANE! Shown below, is Potato #345.


So myself and one of my friends in Chicago were joking around about this. They suggested that, I myself, take a potato money shot which could be sold for equal value *haha*. Well, I told them that I would rather take a photo of the opposite. Instead of a low key photograph, taking more of a high key photograph instead. So this is exactly what I did.

For some reason, the conversation between myself and my friend was not over at that point. For some strange reason, they suggested I take a photo of a pickle as well. Hmm, I thought for a minute… then promptly agreed. However, I told them I would do a similar style to the potato, and take a low key photo for the pickle.

Below are the results of the photo shoot. The potato was marvelous to work with and I would invite it back any time to work with again. The pickle however, decided to give a few good smacks to my face while trying to position it. Very rude and left a bad taste in my mouth… literally *haha*.