Photography Club – August

So I attended For-Mar’s monthly nature photography club again, in August. The club is held every second Saturday of every month. Each month also has a contest amongst the photographers with a theme given. August’s theme was “Summer In Full Swing.” At least, I think that was the theme. It ended up being a very raining Saturday and I did not go out into For-Mar in the rain. Typically for the contest photos, I try to take a photo the same day while I am on their grounds. The requirement for the photographs is that they must have been taken at a Genesee County Park, but it does not matter which one. There is a week given for photo submission.

Since it was a rainy day, a lot of the photos were taken indoors and we had some fun playing with some Light Boxes. The photographs below were the result. Family was here from out-of-town so I was not focused on trying to complete a photograph for the competition for the month. One of them I plan to be selling as a print. Can you guess which?