Lapeer Estate Sale

Recently, I did some photography for an Estate Sale in Lapeer. Photos, which would give an idea of items in the sale, were needed for uploading to a directory listing on a website. The session started in the garage. It was a hot day and the garage was hot. Never-the-less, there were photos which were needed!

I started in one corner of the garage and slowly worked my way to the opposite corner, going around the walls. For majority of the photographs, two flashes were used. One flash which was used as a fill had an umbrella. The other flash being used as the key light had an octagon softbox. The shots were sectioned and the tripods raised and lowered as I worked my way around the garage.

The remaining photographs were inside and outside of the home. The same setup was used except in certain instances where the softbox would not fit. When the space was tight, I relied solely on the flash and umbrella. A few shots used an on-camera flash, but these shots only accounted for the outdoor photographs as well as one of the interior photos.

At the end of the day, I had not taken as many photographs as I thought. A little over 500 in the end. A few of the items were troublesome, as there was a lot of glass/mirrors/other shiny’s which were reflecting. Here are some samples of the photographs used for the Estate Sale website listing.