It’s A Slug – FYI

Below is a photo of a slug which was found under a log.  The other photos with the eyes did not quite have enough depth of field, sadly. Was in a wooded area at Flushing County Park at around 7:00pm pushing 6400 ISO, F/11 and a 1/100 sec. shutter speed and hand holding a 100mm macro lens right up to the minimum focus length, all while squatting down. In other words… very non-optimum conditions. This was a shot I took which I liked a bit more than the rest. Nothing spectacular, but again, I love those shots that make you wonder what the heck is in the photo and I believe this one qualifies.

This photograph completes the photo club exercise. It gave me a chance to have fun and experiment more with the macro lens. I do not do much macro work at this point and use it mainly for a medium telephoto. So, some things I learned… I definitely want to put some extension tubes and close-up filter on the camera/lens and see exactly how close I can get. Also, I learned that even at F/11, with that big of a lens that close, an acceptable DOF will be somewhere in the F/20 range most likely, at least!! The last thing I learned was, with such small a small aperture needed to combat the insanely small DOF, a strobe (preferably one designed for macro work) would be very beneficial.