For-Mar Photography Oct./Nov.

Here I go again, taking forever to update the site. Have been learning a bit of Linux lately (CentOS), since I plan to migrate the server after the new year. If I can learn enough of it in time, the server will be moved from a Windows Server environment to a Linux environment, which I would really love to do. So for the past few weeks, I have been dual booting a laptop and connecting via terminal over the LAN. In some ways, Linux is way easier than Windows… in other ways, it is way more difficult. Stability and structure wise, it is way better and a lot more cleaner of an operating system.

Oh, there I go on about computers… sorry about that. Well, my September photo was the pick for the month and should appear on For-Mar’s end of the year calendar, if they make one. Octobers challenge was ‘Cozy Colors’ and this months challenge was ‘Shadows & Silhouettes’. The photo I submitted for October was one which looked like a Poinsettia. This was not my intention and did not even think about it until I heard numerous people say that is how it looked.

The other photos of the Leafs and Berries were also ones I considered. I think the leaf with the drops of water would have been my second pick. To be honest, I only had a few minutes to go through the shots of that day, edit one, and email it in. Wasn’t until the last day I was able to get back out to the park, and the remainder of the day kept me busy on the road. By the time I was home and able to look at and edit the photos, I had to get to sleep so I could get up extra early the next morning for a MSU game. (MSU vs. Northern)

This month, November, was Shadows and Silhouettes. Being out during the noon’ish hour, there was plenty of shadows around. Couldn’t find any shadows which really interested me. Look and look as I did, I could not find anything but tree’s and leafs during that time of day. Nothing too spectacular. I did come across a flock (flock?) of Turkey, which were walking around next to a Deer. I sat and waited hoping their paths would cross and I would get a clear and lovely shot, but no such luck. Instead, the Turkey walked off to the right while the Deer stayed. So, I ended up getting a photo of the Deer. After, I began following the Turkey, very slowly and quietly. They would not stop again, so I quit following after a few minutes.

Silhouettes I find fairly easy, so was really looking to find a good shadow. Finding a decent shadow in a forest proved to be fairly tough. A lot of photography is in the right spot and at the right time. This was not the right spot or the right time while I was out there on that day. My ‘safety shot’ for the day was of the Windmill. I figured I could easily silhouette that and I hadn’t taken a photograph of it yet… so I did.

Hope you all enjoy the results.20161014-cwj_1431