For-Mar Photography Club

Attended the Photography Club today. For-Mar holds this monthly but today was my first time going and it was fun. Had a speaker for the first hour, whom was Richard Wells ( WebsiteFacebook ) and then went out onto the trails. Everyone was really nice. I am told there is a contest every month and today the theme given was ‘Creepy Crawlers’. So, I ended up with a couple bug photos. Not sure if I will submit any of these, since I am looking for something a bit more specific and definitely more creepy… but this is all I found today without going off path in my shorts. Did not feel like trampling through plants I have no idea what they are. Tomorrow it will be cooler and I will be at another park looking for something more creepy!!

One thing I was able to use today, was my 70-300 Sigma macro lens. Just about 99% of the time, I am using Prime lenses, and hardly ever use a macro, so this was fun to play around with again today. Some of the photos were pretty tough to take. There was a good amount of breeze today, and trying to track movement zoomed all the way in with a macro, as well as keeping focus on the correct area, was… ummm… fun? Challenging! Unfortunately, my Sigma is not a ‘true’ macro. I also do not have any teleconverters to throw on. Tomorrow, I will bust out my 105mm macro lens and see how that performs, which I am guessing, should be much better, assuming I can get as close as I need.

The first photo is just one I liked. Love those abstract and chaotic photos. This one fit the bill. I shall name it, ‘River Storm’! By the way, since we’re naming photos today, let us name another. The bugs getting busy, we shall call ‘Bugs Getting Busy’. Yep, that is right, I am being ”’thhhhhaaaaat”’ creative with naming today. ^-^