Event Low Lighting

One of the photos which is cycled through on the main page, is one taken at a wedding.  It has a bit of motion blur from one of the kids jumping.  With the exception of that, the shot came together nicely.  This was an event where I was not the main photographer, and was only casually taking photos while learning a new camera, and this is from the first set of photos taken with said camera.

As a black and white photo, and after editing, it is sometimes tough to imagine what the original photo looked like.  Even harder to image the actual place where the photo was taken, unless you were there.  So every now and again, I put together little snippets showing the original photo, including original lighting (ambient lighting in this case), as well as an alternative edit and the final from all revisions.

In the case for this photo, there was some heavy editing to compensate for the very low level of ambient purple lighting.  A high ISO was used, along with a very low shutter speed and a very open aperture, trying to make the best exposure possible, while keeping focus as much as possible.