Database Is Finished

So typically when there is a long period of time when I have not updated the website or posted to Facebook, it is because I am working on a big project.  This last project I worked on took a couple weeks to complete.  It was the creation of a Database.  The creation of a Database is rather easy and especially easy when you have it well planned out in advance.  The Database I built however, ran into snags here and there, and was more than just a Database with a table or two.  In the end, it required some really backwards SQL coding and some form design.  Simplicity is often not my thing and tends to make a lot of additional work in the end.  If it were left at a simple table, this project would have taken a day.  It took nearly two weeks to complete this one, after all the troubleshooting which went into it.  In the end, it is pretty, and functional with form drop downs and text boxes, and already very full of information.

Databasing is a bit like Spreadsheets, in my opinion.  I am not extremely experienced in either, but know how to get around and accomplish what is needed.  A Database tends to show results more plainly in the end but is more versatile with searching and displaying data.  What is nice about using a Database, is that they can search and move (or remove) information in many various ways depending on the SQL code which you give.

It was a lot of fun re-learning some of this.  It has been a while since I have touched a Database or Spreadsheet and this is the first time I have worked on designing one to be used quite as frequently.  After all the tweaking and polishing, it has turned out quite nicely… a lot more nicely than the current Spreadsheet I am using to store the information, which is now being replaced by this finished Database.