August Photos

So, happy belated birthday to me!!  Sorry self, for wishing self a late birthday. ;( Not much done this month.  I blame the heat.  So in August, there was Back to the Bricks again.  Ended up working at my friends shop on that day.  The day prior, however, was the Scouts Pinewood Derby, held at Thomas Appliance in Grand Blanc, MI.  Was only there for a brief time, as the cars rolling down the road were loud and flashy, and my eyes kept glancing over going oooooh, shiny car!! Here are a few of the photos from that event:







Congrats to all you Scout with those blazing fast cars!!


Other than taking some photos here, have been working a lot with light painting and below you can see the results.  Yep, nothing but a dark room and a flashlight.  No camera flash or other ambient light involved.



I have a good feeling about what waits for me in September!