Goodrich, MI - Super Moon; 2013

Summer’s ‘Super Moon’

Here is what I’m currently using as a wallpaper on my PC.  It was taken during the so-called “Super Moon” earlier during the summer.  I was hoping for a large dull moon, but instead, seen a really tiny bright moon.  The “Super Moon” wasn’t so super.  A download is available for a high-res version of this photo.
This photo was shot in a 10 minute time period, due to a mosquito issue.  It was my first time trying to capture the moon… and that moon moves fast!  This photo is a composite where the moon has been snagged (copy and pasted) from an alternative shot.  Although the photo was taken quickly as possible while the moon as coming over the horizon, the moon as still too bright this night and the sky too dark, for a proper exposure of both, the sky and the moon.
Well, it’s not perfect, and heavily tweaked, but I liked the colors at least, so figured I’d share.


[a href=”” style=”orange small rounded” title=”” target=”window_name”]Download High-Resolution Photo[/a]