A bit about CJ...

CJ is a local of Michigan, born in Flint and now residing in Goodrich.  Coming from a background in computers, CJ enjoys a wide variety of activity focused around computer work, such as media design, audio editing, website construction, photography, and occasionally running a production server or two.

Away from the computer, CJ practices the piano, listens to a variety of music, plays ice hockey, inline skates, and mountain biking.  Learning and taking part in new endeavors is always challenging, fun, and exciting.

A bit about my photography...

Photography was something done mainly as a hobby and over time became more of a passion as I grew more proficient with a camera.  Always looking to take the best photos possible and even willing to take on a challenge.  Working within the different styles, I became versatile with a camera.

My main focus and my best work falls under two areas.  Portraiture, especially taking traditional and fine art photos, as well as Still Life, with abstract and contemplative photography.  The goal I wish to achieve is invoking thought and/or telling a story.

That said, I have done all sorts of photography and have been employed as a professional photographer as well.  Just a few things I have done include macro, time lapse, long exposure, and light painting photography.

A bit of what to expect...

Aiming to deliver a gratifying experience, I ensure a enjoyable and non-stressful interaction.  My demeanor is very pleasant.  No matter the job, my attire is business casual or above depending on the occasion.  I am very punctual with time and thorough in my work striving to deliver to the best of my ability.

You will be able to reach me by phone, text, or email.  Staying in touch with those I am working with is always a plus.  Your input will be given great thought and I am flexible working with others to achieve their vision as well as mine.

Image of CJ holding camera lens up to eye

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