About CJ Lightworks

CJ Lightworks, formed to offer photographic services, was established in 2013 by Christian Jedlowski. The main objective is creating unique or eye-catching photography and capturing special moments and emotions which may be saved for all time. Specializing in such styles and techniques as conceptual photography, light painting, multiple exposure blending, black and white, still life, high and low key photography, long exposure, abstract/contemplative photograpy, and portraiture photography, CJ Lightworks is versatile, willing to use tried-and-true methods, but is also constantly experimenting and learning new styles and techniques. Our foundation consists of the desire of always learning and advancing.

What you will receive when dealing with CJ Lightworks, is friendly communication with all honesty up-front and no sales push. We wish to inform you of all options available and advise to the best of our ability, but let you make your choices in the end. We are more than willing to work with you in creating your vision for a final product.

Christian Jedlowski

A native of Flint, Michigan, Christian’s expertise focuses in the field of Information Technology, including areas such as server and web management, PC construction and repair, scripting, and networking.

Christian has always been dedicated to finishing work in a timely fashion and with superb results… and while new in the field of Photography, Christian has experience with graphic design in a production environment.  Christian’s motto, “Willing to learn, improve, and satisfy!”