A Walk Around Davison Bike Path

Yesterday, I took a walk around the Davison bike path, which I normally finish the route I walked, with my inline skates, in about 20-30 minutes. Walking took me a little over two hours with a few short stops along the way. After work and launch, it put my arrival at the park at about 12:45pm. The sun was already a bit high in the sky and flooding everything with some harsh noon lighting on this bright and sunny day.

Well, not all was lost. A few photos were taken… five to be exact… and two of those five even were some test shots. From all ‘3’ photos which I felt I would possibly use, two of them made the cut. So here is what I ended up with.

A leaf, which was the first thing I seen. It was the first thing of any real color other than green and brown. Had to stop and thank it for not being so bland. This type of photo has been done before, a lot, but figured I’d give a test of the Depth of Field with the 50mm as close as I could take the photo.

The other photo is of a turned-over old tree, missing all of its bark. I thought it would make for a nice texture, and it seems to do the job. The black and white had a nice feel to it, so went with that one.