10mm Rokinon Lens Test

So, found that my 20mm was not cutting it. Decided to opt for the widest and sharpest non-fisheye lens I could find, which turned out to be this Rokinon 10mm lens. Effectively shooting at a 15mm equivalent, this is the wideness I have been missing.

Was hoping to find something a bit more epic to photograph, but just wanted to take it out first off and give the lens a quick test. Here are two of the test shots taken, both at the Davison bike path. The first shot is just me being lazy and taking a breather. It was hot outside! While I do not carry an extremely heavy camera bag, the strap is wide and hot and at times feels like a weird and cruel torture. Rest is good! The second shot is of a tree I seen, while I was sitting. Unfortunately, it required me to stand up, walk over, and squat down to take the shot. How dare you ruin my resting, tree!!

Other than these two shots, nothing… the lens was a bit wider than even I expected and was not quite prepared for that. Should be fun using it for some interestingly distorted close-up shots. My 20mm was pretty rough doing interior photography with, which is the main reason this one was picked up. So far, so good!